Our company and the service we provide

Our family run business has been selling property in the Gosport area since 1969, having a prominent presence in the local property market.

We always welcome the opportunity to assist in the sale of houses, flats or bungalows and provide advice without charge.

We are happy to quote our selling fees and can advise on any additional costs that would be charged by others when selling a property.

We will work hard to find you a buyer.

But we realise this is only the start of our work.

The second stage of selling your property is often the longest period in the relationship with your Estate Agent.

Some homes sell in just a few days or weeks but getting a sale through can on average take anything from 6 to 10 weeks.

This, in our opinion, is where estate agents attitudes to this part of the process can differ greatly and where experience and professional handling of your sale can make a real difference to achieving a successful move.

We understand how important support at this stage is to you.

Access on the Sales progression platform for estate agents called MIO.

We are trialing mio an estate agent app for home buyers and sellers. This award winning app gives convenience and peace of mind 24/7 updates on you home move straight to your smart phone. It is available on iOS and Android without charge to those selling through our company

MIO keeps you organised and on track with regular updates, tasks and reminders regarding your sale or property purchase, and offers the convenience of in app messaging to us.

For more information visit www.mio.co.uk